Get ready to renew your mind,

body and habits

RENEW 100 is a challenge designed to help you really focus on practicing being consistent and disciplined when it comes to your healthy lifestyle journey. All you have to do is make the commitment to yourself for 100 days by following these simple steps 

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Make it official! All you have to do is post this photo on social media and tag @getfiwithchrys. You're about to make a commitment to YOU for the next 100 days! You should be PROUD. 

When you share tag @getfiwtihchrys and #Renew100 so we can share with the community or other people in the challenge. 


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Take your update photos and measurements on the same day every week. We will be sending out messages to the challenge community to enter to win challenge prizes so saving your photos each week can put you in the position to win those prizes.  


***Find good lighting, wear a sports bra and shorts, NO SELFIES (set timer on your phone if no one can take them for you)***


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When taking your measurements follow the instructions below:

Waist: Starting at belly button, wrap measuring tape gently around your torso (do not pull tight, this will skew your measurements


Hips: Start from the furthest point your butt sticks out and wrap around hips


Thigh: Put one hand down by your side, whereever your index/pointer finger is, thats where you measure 


Arm: make a muscle , at the highest peak of your bicep, thats where you measure (unflexed) 



Tools we highly recommend 

for challenge success

The Newtrition lab

If you know you're going to need accountability during the next 100 days, 

You have the option to do this challenge as a Newtrition Lab member. 


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If you know you're going to need accountability during the next 100 days: 

You also have the option to do this challenge as a Newtrition Lab member. 


As a member: 

  • You have access to the Newtrition Lab app where you can message me any time, upload your progress photos weekly, connect your fitbit/Apple watch, track your sleep, and have access to new weekly workouts. 

  • Your Macros will be set up in your account 

  • You'll be able to join in on our weekly coaching calls 

  • You will also get a discount on the 30 Day grind which is a 3x per week virtual personal trainer

  • You'll be able to get into our private group which is like our little Newtrition Lab family. 

  • We track all of your progress and data on our app to help you stay on top of everything 


Instead of paying the regular rate of $250 month, you can sign up here to join the Newtrition Lab membership today for ONLY $99/month  if you sign up for 12 month coaching membership access  Click here to sign up with this rate  


If you want to commit for 6 months instead you can click here and still save by only paying $150/month for the coaching membership . 



If you just want your macros calculated to get started and the free gift click here for the $50 fee. If you choose this option please make sure you still take progress photos every week on your own (front, back, side) so you can compare your Day 1 progress to your Day 100 progress. 

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If you're looking for consistency in your workouts, the 30 Day Grind gives you a chance to get 3 virtual workouts led by a personal trainer 3x per week. With 3 different times to choose from every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. NewtirtionLab Members get 30% off. 



The Holistically Made 7-Day Detox is HIGHLY recommended! This detox really helps eliminate bloat, curb cravings, enhance gut health, balance hormones, aide with common challenges such as bloat, acne, gas, indigestion, irregular bowel movements and low energy to name a few. 

The taste is VERY bitter, however the results are worth every drop. There is also a capsule form but the best results come from the liquid. The owner of the company is a certified herbalist and takes pride in her product quality. 

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Resistance training plays a big roll in your success when it comes to seeing physical change. If you do not already have access to bands or weights, this band set is perfect for home resistance 

trainingClick here and use code - 4QTRGRIND

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Getting enough protein is where a lot of people struggle. Supplements can help you reach your protein goals. I highly recommend plant based protein for easier digestion and nutrient absorption. This by far is the best plant-based protein I've had. The Tru Supplement dessert series flavors are the best tasting from this brand.

They also have great pre-workout and BCAA.


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