My Thoughts on Training Mask

Training Mask is a company that specializes in respiratory resistance equipment, which is designed to improve stamina, endurance, strength and power by placing the muscles we use to breathe under more tension, with the goal of making them stronger and more efficient.

After reading up on Training Mask and following them on social media, I had a lot of curiosity about what this mask really did besides make you look like a beast during your workout. So they sent me some masks to try out and I can't lie... I was a little intimidated.

I didn't know what to expect being that I've never used one before, and the fact that this was their new and improved mask, I knew I was jumping in blind... check it out:

So would I recommend this device?

It depends on who I'm recommending it to. I can see the potential advantage of wearing the mask for Athletes. Seeing as how they are under pressure to perform well at such high levels of intensity, the mask seems like it could help condition the body to react under intense circumstances for longer periods of time.

For beginners

... or anyone out there who is just trying to beast out their workout, I see how the mask could make an impact in your ability to push yourself longer. I noticed during the workout that I had to really concentrate on taking very large deep breathes so that I didn't feel like a fish out of water. It's easy to start gasping for air if you're heart rate is up and you're breathing with short breaths. So if you use the mask regularly, it could definitely teach you how to slow down and breath deeply.

My advice, from my experience

My best advice would be to get some experience breathing with the mask without working out in one first. People with asthma or heart issues should probably stray away from using the mask, unless approved by a physician. I would also recommend using Training Mask on a consistent basis if you're going to work one into your routine in order for it to be effective.

Overall, would I use it again

I'm always up for a challenge, and I think when used correctly the Training Mask can be beneficial. I would try it again for sure. Because this is my first time using the mask, I know that I can only give you my first impression, so stay tuned and of course ALWAYS do your research.

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