How I got rid of my bloat problem

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Many people look at this photo and the first thing they think is that I'm pregnant, I'm intentionally pushing my stomach out or that I edited the hell out of it. Well... none of the above are true.

The pic on the left is a real picture of what would happen to me any time I decided to have a “cheat meal” or anything that wasn’t the typical diet food! I was so used to "eating clean" and using unrealistic tactics to get leaner and reach my "body goals" that any time I had something with the slightest bit of sugar, dairy, sodium or God forbid carbs, I would blow up. I felt uncomfortable and extremely frustrated because I thought I would never be able to eat anything other than fish and vegetables ever again.

I was sick of it, and honestly sometimes it would completely take a stab at my motivation. ⁣There would be weeks I would just not workout, or just throw my healthy eating habits out the window because I would tell myself "what difference does it make, I'm just going to gain a bunch of weight anyway by having ONE cheat meal."

Once I got my emotions out of the way and started thinking about what the root could be, I started making intentional decisions about repairing my gut health.

I'm not a guessing game type of person. I need data. So I got some bloodwork done. I had to know what the heck was contributing to all this inflammation. I used Everlywell 's food sensitivity test and their Women's health test to assess my hormone levels. Use code 2020 for discount if you try it.

After getting my results back come to find out my hormones were all over the place and I was sensitive to foods I had no idea were causing me digestive issues. Once I had that info, not only did I feel empowered, but I knew it was time to take more action.

For starters I took Holistically Made's 7-Day Detox. . Holistically Made is owned by a certified herbalist who specializes in holistic health solutions. When I showed her this same pic on the left, she thought I was joking so I’d have to send her videos instead so she knew I wasn’t just pushing my stomach out lol. She recommended the 7 Day Detox, and it after I took it, it CHANGED. THE. GAME. I have not bloated since the first time I took it and that was over a year ago. I've now done the detox three times and I'll be doing it a 4th time in a few months (that'll make it two times per year).

In addition to the detox, I stopped taking the “diet” approach. I stopped cutting things out that I actually like. Instead I started being intentional about the amount of protein, carbs and fats I was getting in a day and focused more on those macros than restricting myself. The flexibility is what helps me stay consistent. I still eat the things I want, I just make it fit my macros for the day. ⁣⁣This is the most realistic approach I've ever taken and it's worked wonders for my physical and mental progress.

Last but not least - I PRACTICE!

I think sometimes people think lifestyle change happens in a couple of days, or a couple of weeks even. It doesn't. It takes time and most importantly it takes PRACTICE. If you look at the pic on the right...

Get Fit With Chrys

this pic was taken after pizza and chicken wings this weekend (which I haven’t had in FOREVER). Normally the scale would’ve skyrocketed and I would’ve been looking just like the pic on the left, but instead I lost 2 lbs and didn't have cravings after. ⁣ How? Because I've spent time PRACTICING. I've practiced giving myself grace. I've practiced hitting the macros (protein, carbs and fats) my body needs to thrive. I've practiced getting my cardio in (through methods I enjoy). I've practiced preparation. I've practiced NOT RESTRICTING certain food so that I don't create unwanted food sensitivities. I've practiced my consistency with all of these, and quite honestly I'm still practicing! But once I found what worked, practice made progress.

If you're struggling with your eating habits and you know you need to make a change but food is holding you back, click here to get information on how I can help you break your food barriers. Food should never be the reason you're not able to be healthy and reach your goals... after all, we need it right?! I'm helping women shift their mindset around food so they can lead a happier, healthier life!

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