1. Tuna is the ultimate travel protein


Now.. you may not be able to take your grilled chicken and hot plate, but you can certainly grab you some cans, or even better, pouches of tuna to take with you, especially on flights. The great thing is, more than likely, TSA won’t hassle you for it as long as it is unopened. This method is fool proof, besides the people who may not like the fishy smell once you crack it open, but hey…a girl/guy’s gotta eat! 


2. Bring the green!


Bagged spinach can make its way through secutriy as well. As long as it's enclosed and uncooked, bring it. And don't worry if you dont, most places that serve salads have ingredients that make for great salads. In my experience, most places don’t charge you much for just getting a handfull of veggies or other salad toppings. 



3. Dry snacks stop you from making the “wrong turn” 

Examples: Almonds, Crackers, Pretzels, Rice Cakes 


Packing dry snacks can make it easier to not gawk (or stop) at those fast food signs you pass by. I try to take small filling snacks that are low in calories and easy to put into  zip lock bags. Packing your own snacks also saves you money and prevents you from stopping to get those high fat/carb/sugary snacks offered at gas stations or airport sundries. 

4. Containers are your friend 

Nothing is worse than having the things you want to eat, but nothing to eat them in. Pack a container or two with you for when you fix up your own salad creation, eat your tuna, or save any leftovers while on your trip. Now Im not saying whip out your tupperware at the dinner table, but having it for when you get back to your room can make 1 meal into 2! 


5. Take your own water bottle

Take a refillable water bottle to keep yourself from having to buy bottles of water while traveling. Along with the health benefits, drinking more water also helps to cut your cravings and helps prevent overeating. 


6. Get your cardio in 

Regardless of your fitness goals, getting your cardio in will help you not be so thrown off track when you get back to “reality.” Traveling can involve a lot of sitting, extra eating, and lack of activity. Finding a hotel treadmill, a class in the area, jogging outside or even doing a short HIIT workout in your hotel room can help keep you moving and make it so that coming back home isn't one big guilt trip.



7. Go for the healthier options when eating out 


Get familiar with the area you're going to be in and find out where the best spots are with good healthy food options. If you're not from where you're going to be staying, ask locals, they love to represent for their city and can probably give you the best advice.


8. Don't sweat it ...too much

Traveling doesnt always have to be a hassle when it comes to sticking with the plan! You just have to go into it prepared to make adjustments and mentally ready to focus on your goals. It's easy to cheat and overeat/snack when you dont have a kitchen or convenience but it is definitely possible. 


I hope this helps any travelers out there because I know how difficult it can be to stay on your game when you're away, but trust me ... the only trip you want to be taking is the one you're already going on, don't add guilt to the mix. Remember to still have fun and remind yourself its ok to indulge in moderation, but being mindful of the long term is important as well!