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We help women create a healthier relationship with food and lose body fat without extreme dieting, food restriction or inflammation!


Being healthy isn't about who works out the hardest or who eats the cleanest...


It's about consistently investing time and energy into practicing healthy habits & thought 



Real People. Real Results


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"I truly feel like the 12 weeks of meal planning ingrained new habits in me. I went out for a walk at work today bc it was so nice and I didn’t even WANT to go in a coffee shop for a snack. Usually I’d be craving something sweet and my energy would be crashing, but now I just bring a protein bar or an apple etc, all prepped on Sunday afternoon. I’m hardly eating red meat, almost all fish and poultry. I feel good in my clothes and wore my crop tops all around Tybee Island for vacation. 


My workouts have been strong and consistent. All that to say, I’m glad I did your program and I think my 3 month timeframe was a great idea. I think it takes that long to really start a lifestyle change." 


- Eva

"I’ve been so pleased with my results working with you. You’ve really helped to change my life and form healthy habits! I’m just so thankful for you and how you’ve been pushing me! I joined a running group that runs on Mondays, I’m about to attend some free yoga sessions and just looking for opportunities to keep up this work and push my body to the next level! You’re amazing at what you do and I’m thankful that God is using you!

- Nikia



 “I’m glad you made that post saying the program was coming out again. Honestly if you had not sent me the link, I would have just watched from the sideline knowing this its what I wanted and needed. Thank you for doing your part in sharing your gift and program. I love that you give a variety with the meal plan. Just hen I’ve had enough, It changed. Grateful for you and the journey 😘”⁣



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Voyage ATL

"Today we’d like to introduce you to Chrysten Crockett.

Chrysten, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today."

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Today Show

"Instagram Fitness Star Chrysten Crockett Is TODAY's Social Star Search Second Finalist"

Power 98 Morning Maddhouse: 

Chrys got to share her tips for staying consistent and being realistic when it comes to your healthy lifestyle journey on WPEG's Power 98 Morning Maddhouse Segment 

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Goodwipes x Target Campaign

Chrys is an ambassador for the Goodwipes brand and has been included in their Vagenius campaign 

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WBTV - Spook for the Cure 

Breast Cancer Awareness is is cause that Chrys is heavily invested into. Check out her feature on WBTV for the Spook for the Cure event she put on in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

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"My icons are my clients. Each person that decides to make a change to better themselves is contributing to making society a better/healthier place.


"Massy Arias And Chrysten Crockett Share A Partner Workout For Great Results"


"Being prepared helps big time! By preparing your meal for the week your temptations don’t stand a chance. Not only does prepping your food help cut cravings, it also cuts costs."