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no more dieting & restriction. learn how to eat food you love and still reach your goals

live a healthy life

look & feel your best

eat good food while doing it   

the newtrition lab

is a transformative nutrition coaching program dedicated to helping women learn how to see changes in their mind and body by making nutrition simple, flexible and realistic.


Attend our free private macros & mindful eating class

In this class we're going to be covering: 

  • How to gain a better understanding of how much food you need to fuel your body for your goals

  • How to lose body fat without restricting food

  • How to manage cravings 

  • How to calculate and use macronutrients 

  • Why you don't have to play the guessing game when it comes to what to eat

  • How to enjoy social activities without feeling like food sabotages your progress 

  • How to stop starting over on Monday and

  • How to build a better relationship with food 

How to get an invitation ...

A select group of women are accepted into our private class based on their application.


During your class you will show you our exact framework we use to help you adjust your mindset, around food, practice with your consistency, learn how to calculate your macronutrients to reach your goals and built habits that create lasting results. 

This class is invite only. It's important to us that the right people attend this class. We want you to actually be able to take away some great useful info. Because of that we have you complete this quick application. 



"A healthier lifestyle starts with loving yourself right where you are! Be your own hype (wo)man day in and day out! Work on building healthy habits a little at a time. Then go whatever route makes you happy and is realistically feasible for you. Nothing is one size fits all, but I’ve found what I can execute! 🙌🏾⠀

Recently I found @getfitwithchrys and her Newtrition Lab making nutrition easier than ever - simple, flexible, and realistic while eating good food 😋! " 

“I’m glad you made that post saying the program was coming out again. Honestly if you had not sent me the link, I would have just watched from the sideline knowing this its what I wanted and needed. Thank you for doing your part in sharing your gift and program. I love that you give a variety with the meal plan. Just hen I’ve had enough, It changed. Grateful for you and the journey 😘”⁣




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