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no more dieting & restriction. learn how to eat food you love and still reach your goals

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Y’all... I’m getting to enjoy carbs again❣️

I did the #keto thing for a long time! It’s how I lost over 50 pounds last year. But, I have to admit that the keto lifestyle made me afraid to consume any amount of carbs. And after doing it for almost 2 years I just wasn’t seeing any results. I was also starting to get that skinny fat going on. What I also noticed was I was really bad about beating myself up for having a “cheat meal” or not making it to the gym 1 day out of the week. My mindset was getting really negative and was doing nothing to build myself up.

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These photos are only 3 weeks apart. And it’s hard to believe my abs are making a reappearance when I’m eating so much through the day. The difference is I am eating whole foods and not just a bunch of fat. I’m hitting my macros. I’m eating to fuel my body. And I’m not “missing” food anymore❣️



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"A healthier lifestyle starts with loving yourself right where you are! Be your own hype (wo)man day in and day out! Work on building healthy habits a little at a time. Then go whatever route makes you happy and is realistically feasible for you. Nothing is one size fits all, but I’ve found what I can execute! 🙌🏾⠀

Recently I found @getfitwithchrys and her Newtrition Lab making nutrition easier than ever - simple, flexible, and realistic while eating good food 😋! " 

“I’m glad you made that post saying the program was coming out again. Honestly if you had not sent me the link, I would have just watched from the sideline knowing this its what I wanted and needed. Thank you for doing your part in sharing your gift and program. I love that you give a variety with the meal plan. Just hen I’ve had enough, It changed. Grateful for you and the journey 😘”⁣

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I think that I am finally getting that hang of this nutrition thing! I’ve been stuck in a plateau for most of the year and it doesn’t help the gyms have been closed for half of it. So I decided to take another leap and seek guidance from Chrys❣️ BEST decision ever! I’m seeing my abs tighten up, quads growing, and just overall looking more toned. 💪🏼 You wanna know the best part of all? I’m EATING! And when I say I am eating, I mean I am not restricting myself from “bad food”. I’m having waffles for breakfast, chocolate, BREAD, veggies, fruit, etc! All the the things that started believing I “shouldn’t” be eating.

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