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My journey with fitness and healthy habits really started in college.  Outside of playing sports in high school, I never worked out intentionally once I got to college. In fact, I used to think people were weird for spending so much time at the campus gym. 

It wasn't until I hit a place of depression that I actually started to get active on purpose. I used running as a form of free therapy and this is coming from someone who HATED to run.  Running became my outlet and next think you know it become something I loved to do. 

The more active I became the more I started researching ways to have more energy to  run faster and longer. I started experimenting with the things I was learning about nutrition and became fascinated with the changes I was making just with food. 

That's when I truly realized, that even though the physical activity is great and necessary, the nutrition is the real game changer. 

I got to see the impact that nutrition could have on the body even more when I started doing body building competitions. From my first competition I've done really well and fell in love with the competitive nature of the sport. However, competing has its ugly sides too. Because of the rigid structure of dieting that can be involved in competition prep, the process not only took a toll on my relationship with food, but my hormones as well. 

I started deep diving into my education of food science, plant-based nutrition and gut health and was able to turn my cystic acne, food sensitivities and gut health around all from understanding the right things to put in my body and what to do physically. I was also able to teach myself how to work through my binge eating behaviors and negative thought processes surrounding food. 

When I decided to make fitness and nutrition a career path, I was able to use my experiences and the knowledge I gained along the way to help me understand my clients more. 

My own journey has encouraged me to make sure I not only help women make physical changes, but mental ones as well. 


I am dedicated to helping my clients find balance when it comes to creating healthy habits so they can sustain their progress and have a healthy understanding of food and fitness. 


I am dedicated to creating change in the world through health and wellness. It's my mission to create a healthier society one person at at a time.  

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Get Fit With Chrys Nutrition and Fitness
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