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you're in!!

I'm excited to get you started. Please see below for details and instructions that will help you get started!

Use this page as a resource in case you ever have any question about the details included . 


Let's do this girl!




Check your email for your Trainerize app set up instructions. This is where we will communicate. This is also where your check ins, progress photos and community group chat are held. 


STEP #2 

Take your first set of progress photos and measurements and upload them to the app (front back and side) and upload them to your profile. The app will direct you. Find good lighting, wear a sports bra and shorts, NO SELFIES (set timer on your phone if no one can take them for you) 

progress photo example.png

When taking your measurements follow the instructions below:

Waist: Starting at belly button, wrap measuring tape gently around your torso (do not pull tight, this will skew your measurements


Hips: Start from the furthest point your butt sticks out and wrap around hips


Thigh: Put one hand down by your side, whereever your index/pointer finger is, thats where you measure 


Arm: make a muscle , at the highest peak of your bicep, thats where you measure (unflexed) 


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