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live a healthy life

look & feel your best

eat good food while doing it   

the newtrition lab

is a transformative nutrition coaching program dedicated to helping women learn how to see changes in their mind and body by making nutrition simple, flexible and realistic.

newtrition lab about

How to know if this is the program for you

If you are the type of person who:

  • Is trying to get a better understanding of how much food you need to fuel your body for your goals

  • Doesn't want to be on a strict diet just to reach your goals

  • Wants to learn how to manage cravings

  • Wants to get a better understanding of portion sizes and macronutrients

  • Is tired of sorting through the vast amount of information online

  • Wants to quit playing the guessing game

  • Wants to enjoy social activities without feeling like food sabotages your progress

  • Is tired of starting over on Monday

  • Is sick of yo-yo’ing and

  • Wants to have a better connection with food overall

... then you're in the right place! 


how it works

One you apply, we will review your application to decide whether or not you will be sent the private invite to the live private training. 

Kesh Testimonial - Newtrition Lab.png

"A healthier lifestyle starts with loving yourself right where you are! Be your own hype (wo)man day in and day out! Work on building healthy habits a little at a time. Then go whatever route makes you happy and is realistically feasible for you. Nothing is one size fits all, but I’ve found what I can execute! 🙌🏾⠀

Recently I found @getfitwithchrys and her Newtrition Lab making nutrition easier than ever - simple, flexible, and realistic while eating good food 😋! " 

“I’m glad you made that post saying the program was coming out again. Honestly if you had not sent me the link, I would have just watched from the sideline knowing this its what I wanted and needed. Thank you for doing your part in sharing your gift and program. I love that you give a variety with the meal plan. Just hen I’ve had enough, It changed. Grateful for you and the journey 😘”⁣

Tamika Testimonial get Fit WIth Chrys 1.
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