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Why online training works

I get a lot of questions about what makes online training effective, and after having a range of different clients in several states around the country, I've learned that online training works because of the extra accountability. Here's what I mean:

The proof is in the (fat free) pudding

When you have someone holding you accountability virtually, guess what?, they need proof that you're doing what you're supposed to. That means photo check-ins, meal prep photos, weigh-ins, accountability calls, and workouts data. With an in-person trainer, you can sometimes get away with not doing everything you're supposed to all the time, that is if your trainer isn't on you like white on rice 24/7. Because there is no one-on-one physical interaction with your trainer, it is crucial to your success that you're constantly giving proof of your progress. This puts more responsibility on the client to not goof around during the week and throw it all away on the weekends.

You get that good feeling of "I'm doing it on my own."

Online training creates that sense of "I can do this." This is because you don't have someone there physically telling you what to do. Sometimes people can get dependent on that, and then when it comes doing workouts on your own, it can be tough not having that trainer over your shoulder.

With online training, you become dependent on yourself to reach your numbers. When I say numbers, I mean, using your activity monitors to keep you working toward your target activity level. After a few workouts in, you start to push yourself harder than you ever have. All of my online clients have reached a point where they require more of themselves in their workouts and its such a rewarding feeling.

There's nothing like check-in day

Because of the hard work you put in over the weeks, and the constant accountability, check-in day is a moment of truth. If you know you've been giving your all, check-in day is nothing short of a praise report full of pride and motivation. If you know you could've given more, its like an extra kick to say "I got this, I can do better." Either way, online clients walk away feeling like, this is mine, and nothing can stop me from being the best me.

Chairty in the photo above is a great example. She lives all the way in Arkansas and we've never met in person, but you'd never know it. Seeing her strive for her own success is beyond rewarding for both of us. Knowing that she's creating her own healthy habits, and reaching her goals is what keeps me confident that I've found a method that truly works. Its not about deprivation, its about habit building and creating healthy psychological processes to ensure confidence and self discipline.

To all of you online warriors out there... keep striving for greatness. For anyone who is unsure about it, I hope this breakdown gives you some insight.

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