5 Ways to Prevent the Coronavirus

You can't turn anywhere without hearing about the Coronavirus. As more cases infiltrate the US, people are going the extra mile to try to protect against the virus.

Before we get into these tips, here's what you need to know:

1. The Coronavirus is a MILD viral infection.

There is only a 2% fatality rate. It is not a death sentence. There have been thousands of recoveries, but no one reports on the recoveries... just the cases and the deaths.

2. Most masks do not protect against the Coronavirus.

The only mask that can help prevent the virus from getting into your airways is an N95 mask. It is a respirator mask used to filter airborne particles. This isn't the type of mask you can just get from the store.

3. Antibiotics and over the counter medicines do not prevent the Coronavirus.

You can buy all the NyQuil and Alkaseltzer you want but don't waste your money if you're trying to prevent Coronavirus. Also, antibiotics are meant to treat bacteria. Bacteria and viruses are different microbes.

So what's going to help?

Here are 5 tips to help protect you from contacting the virus

1. Get that immune system in check

... by getting good rest, and decreasing your processed sugar intake. It also helps to eat nutrient dense foods especially those high in antioxidants. I highly recommend boosting your immune with elderberry, vitamin C, ginger, beet root, sea moss and more can be found here.

2. Travel Mindfully

If you're traveling, check the CDC travel advisory site regularly here

3. Hands

... keep them washed and off of your face. Especially after you touch money or someone else's hands. Viruses travel so don't make yourself vulnerable by offering an entryway to your system.

4. Don't just believe everything you see online

Fear comes from the lack of awareness. Educate yourself so you can take precaution. Don't just follow blindly, be smarter than that. Everything you see and read online is not FACT.

5. Be mindful

Especially if you're in the gym or other areas where things can spread easily. Wipe things down after using them. Cover your mouth when sneezing and coughing.

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