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Tips to stay mentally strong on your fitness journey

As the world grows more and more physically fit conscious, it seems as though six-packs and toned bodies take precedent over being mentally fit and prepared to make a lifestyle change. If you've been following me for some time, you'll know that my stance on transformation has to do more with the mind than the body.

For that reason, I wanted to break down a few quick tips to help you stay mentally strong on your fitness journey.

1. Write down your strengths

Too many times we focus on weaknesses. The "I'm not fast enough," "I need someone to be there to push me through a workout," "I'm never going to get this right," thoughts we put into our conscious mind, sink into our subconscious thoughts and start to become a semi-permanent part of our thought process.

Stop it! Focus on your strengths, and work on controlling the things you're good at instead of focusing on the things that need some practice.

2. Take away your distractions

Our distractions can sometimes make our journey more challenging than it needs to be. Ask yourself... what distracts me from reaching my goals ... go ahead, think about it. Once you get your answer, think of ways you can limit those distractions or remove them from your path if you know they will only hinder you.

For example, I'm a snacker... I LOVE all things crunchy. So I know that in my weak moments, when I'm trying to stay focused, having those snacks accessible in my cabinets, are NOT going to help me. I like to think I have some pretty strong will power, but it's just something about snacks that trumps all of that.

So what do I do, I take the snacks away or I replace them with things that are going to keep me on track even if I indulge a little.

3. Stop being so hard on yourself

We all mess up. It's life. But guess what, there's always a chance to keep practicing and getting better. If you don't do everything perfect along your journey, don't beat yourself up about it, just focus on ways you can help yourself and try again (or find methods that work better for you).

Too many times, while doing my check-ins with my online clients, they're pleading with me about how they can do better, and how they're disappointed in themselves for not getting every little thing right.

That's the point when I have to remind them to take a deep breath and to remember... "You're human." There's always time to continue practicing habit change, that's what a fit journey is about.

4. Know your schedule and yourself

We are all so busy these days, so knowing your schedule, and how you operate within it, can help make your fit journey a lot easier.

  • If you know that after work you're going to be drained, why even attempt to workout after work? Even if you're not a morning person, it would make sense to start practicing getting your workouts in in the morning to save time and energy.

  • If you know you resort to eating out when you don't have food with you, why not work meal prep into your weekly schedule.

  • If you know you perform better in a group class setting. Why not find group classes that you like and put them on your calendar?

Those are just some examples, but are things I constantly remind my clients (and myself of each week). It is so much easier mentally to stay on top of your fit journey when you plan ahead.

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