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Falling for Gimmicks: What to look out for when choosing a trainer or health coach

It can be hard looking for a trainer or health coach, especially when there are SOOO MANY! Social media and sales people have made it difficult to figure out who's good and who's just looking for the next pay check.

Here's how to make sure your next trainer is right for you.

1. Did they find you or did you find them?

If they reached out via social media or stalked you down in the gym, ask questions and do your research. See what their agenda is and make sure it aligns with your goals.

If they start telling you what they can do for you before you even tell them what you're trying to accomplish, they're not the one for you. Seek out someone who genuinely wants to help you reach your goals.

2. Constant free training or very low pricing.

Any professional who is good at what he or she does is going to value their services enough to not just give it away for free or little to nothing. More than likely if their training is free or cheap, something is going to be lacking (knowledge/education, client experience, professionalism, systems and processes, training atmosphere and practices).

The only time training may be less expensive, yet still valuable is if it is done in a large group setting or class style. Even that should come with a price, it just may not be as expensive as personal or one-on-one training/coaching.

3. Pay attention during your consultation

If you're seeking an a trainer or health coach and you have a consultation, pay attention to what they do with you and the questions they ask. For in-person training, did they throw you right into workouts without assessing your abilities?

For all training/coaching - did they ask you about your goals? Did they have a lengthy conversation with you? When they spoke about pricing, did the value and experience match the price?

If any in-person trainer goes straight into workouts without assessing your abilities they are not looking out for your safety (huge red flag).

Your consultation is a way for a trainer to get an understanding of what you're looking for; assess you and whether or not you'd be a good fit for their program; and to present their programs to you for you. Ultimately you make the decision, so be mindful of the little things.

4. Oh you can change my life huh? Let's hear it

Making a lifestyle change is a serious investment in your health and your future. If someone claims they can healt you change your life, ask them how they plan to do that. What tactics are they going to use to help you reach your goals? Do those tactics realistically align with what you wish to accomplish?

Sales tactics sound good but make the person you're about to put your trust into, gain your trust with real strategy they plan to use to help you for the long run.

If you need any more advice on how choose the right trainer or health coach for you feel free to email

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