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Meal Prep 101

When I made the commitment to live a healthier lifestyle, I heard the words "meal prep" and had no clue why people would prep all of their food for the week in one day.

If you're feeling overwhelmed or confused, I'm here to give you a few pointers to help you see how much easier life can be with a little preparation.

#1 Have a Plan

Grocery shopping without a list can go downhill quickly. I like to plan my meals out for the entire week, check my fridge for what I have, and then create the list from what I need. The list keeps me accountable so I don't veer off plan and end up with a ton of junk food in my cart.

#2 Invest in food storage containers

If you're anything like me, your Tupperware drawer may have one too many lids and not enough containers. When I began meal prepping, I invested in some good containers that would last. Here are a couple great options on Amazon.

# 3 Maximize your time in the kitchen

One of the reasons I used to be so overwhelmed by meal prep is because I thought it would consume my entire Sunday. It doesn't have to! If you do it right, you can be baking sweet potatoes while you're roasting asparagus and grilling marinated chicken.

Oh - and don't be afraid to take shortcuts!

  • 90-second rice is my new best friend

  • Frozen veggies save so much time, and

  • Pre-chopped food (like tomatoes and onions) cut down on prep time

# 4 Get creative

Prepping your meals doesn't mean you have to eat chicken, rice and a vegetable every day. Check out Pinterest for healthy versions of your favorite recipes.

A staple in our house is zucchini noodles with ground turkey meat sauce. I spiralize the zucchini on Sunday, make the sauce, pop it in the fridge and boil the zoodles as I go each day. If you don't have one, check this version out. You can make noodles or chips out of any veggie!

#5 Enjoy your free time and the benefits of a healthy habit!

A few hours a week in the kitchen makes life a breeze after a long day at work when you don't want to have to think about what to cook. When I meal prep, I'm more likely to stick to making better food choices. It helps so much when it comes to seeing results!

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