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Why you're frustrated with your weight loss journey

If you've ever tried to drop body fat you know how frustrating it can be. But it seems so simple when you think about it right? Workout, eat clean, BOOM!, body fat starts to go away. What can be so hard about that?

Then you start actually trying and the first few pounds disappear like magic...

...but then the magic just stops happening.

What's that about?

When you drastically change the way you eat and the way your body moves, it's like jumping a car. The battery isn't dead it just needs a kickstart. Very similar to your metabolism. Once your metabolism adapts, it's your job to keep it running and to keep fueling it with what it needs to run efficiently.

So what do you do when you hit that wall after getting your metabolism going. In a lot of cases you either get excited and start slacking off, you don't give their body enough fuel to sustain your activity level, you don't challenge yourself in your workouts or you start reverting back to old habits.

And when the weight isn't moving like you thought it should, that's ususally when the hunt begins for the next diet, detox, trainer, Instagram account you name it, anything to help get the weight off.

Let's get one thing straight...! Your happiness, self esteem and self worth does not depend on:

1. The scale,

2. Your body weight/ fat or

3. That pair of jeans you may not be able to fit in.

What matters the most is your overall health (both mental and physical)

So working on the small things will help you be a better you.

When you hit a wall or lapse in motivation use the following check list to get yourself in check:

1. Have I been moving?

Getting physcial doesn't always mean you have to go kill yourself in the gym, just move!

2. Have I been eating a lot of highly processed foods (esp. sugars)?

Life is about balance, so of course its ok to have processed food but too much, especially processed sugar, can have an impact on your hormones, gut health and energy.

3. Have I been getting enough rest?

Sleep and recovery are CRUCIAL! Make sure you're giving your body enough time to restore itself.

4. Where am I with my water?

Being consistent with your water intake can help with digestion and elimination. Make sure you're replenishing your water and giving your body enough water to be able to supply your organs with what they need to function properly. It also helps get out the excess junk that can build up over time.

5. Am I on my cycle?

I'm sure we've all been there. We forget that time of the month is coming and the bloat freaks us out. Take a deep breath, it's just your hormones doing their job.

6. Am I eating enough

Meal replacement shakes won't cut it. You need real fuel to walk around as and properly functioning human being, let alone workout as one.

You're going to need more fuel to let your body be active, and the type of fuel matters. Supply your body with whole food sources that will keep your metabolism on fire. Don't deprive it!

If you need a solution to help you learn how to enhance your metabolism, eat and train in a sustainable way and reach your goals without depriving yourself contact me here.

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