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Client Transformation Story: How Sarah changed her life

From Sarah Crook:

Let me share a little bit of my background. My health and fitness journey began when I was 22. College was the first time I noticed weight gain and realized I had to think about how I fueled my body. Growing up, I was an athlete. I cheered, swam and danced. I never had to "work out" or really watch what I ate. College was a different story, though. I wasn't participating in sports and the pounds began to pack on quickly over those 4 years.

For the next 10 years, I tried every diet you can think of. You name it, I did it. I lost weight, I gained it back...over and over and over again.

Enter 2017 - I was at my heaviest weight. One day I was scrolling on Instagram looking at transformation photos, ready for a change, and Get Fit With Chrys popped up.

I silently observed Chrys' clients making unbelievable progress for a few months until I got the nerve to send her a message. I was at my breaking point. I was completely uncomfortable in my own skin and sick of being the overweight friend in the group. As nervous as I was to reach out to a complete stranger and tell them my story, that one message completely changed my life.

Since November 2017 I've lost 40 pounds, dropped three pant sizes and gained my confidence back. A lot of people ask me why it worked this time and not the others. By the way, you should know this is the longest period of time I've ever kept this amount of weight off in my life. There are a few reasons why:

1. Accountability

I'm going to be honest. This journey was not easy and clearly it didn't happen overnight. The one thing I knew I needed was a partner that could walk me through this. Chrys was that person. She knew my struggles and what I needed the most help with. And let's be real... we've even shed a few tears together. No matter where I was in my journey, she had my back...and still does! Now that we've launched PowHERFit, I not only have Chrys by my side but an insanely amazing and powerful group of women who remind me every single day why I'm on this journey. There is nothing like an accountability buddy and I have more than I can count!

2. Dedication vs. Motivation

The biggest question people ask when they're trying to make a lifestyle change is "How do you stay so motivated?" My answer..."I don't." There is a huge difference between dedication and motivation. Do I wake up every morning excited to work out? Heck no. But do I know that each workout and healthy meal will get me one step closer to my goals? Yes. Find your WHY. My why is to not only feel good in my skin but to avoid heart disease and diabetes. Most importantly, I hope to one day be a mama that can chase her kids around without getting winded. Why are you ready to make a change? What lights a fire in you? When you have found it, don't forget it and just keep grinding.

3. A lifestyle I could live with

Before training with Chrys, I gained my weight back every time because nothing I did was sustainable. This time, I knew it was going to be different. I wanted to learn once and for all how to take care of myself, hit my goals and never have to start over again. I had no idea what an unhealthy relationship I had with food. I had restricted for so long that when I ate what I enjoyed I ate so much I felt sick. Chrys taught me how to have balance. I look at food as fuel now and realize that it's about progress, not perfection. You have one life to live. Have the glass of wine, eat the mozzarella stick...just do it all in moderation.

My hope is that sharing my journey with you will help you to realize that you are capable of anything you set your mind to. We all start somewhere. No matter what your goals are, you can reach them. You deserve to live the best life possible. What are you waiting for?

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