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3 Things to Stop Doing on Your Fitness Journey

It's easy to get wrapped up in micromanaging your fitness journey. You know what I mean, checking the scale to see if you've budged, telling yourself certain food is good or bad, and getting down on yourself when you aren't where you think you're supposed to be.

Here's what you're doing wrong.

1. Stop searching for big progress every day

That means - stop looking at the scale every morning to see if you've lost another pound. Stop checking the mirror every chance you get, and stop being afraid to eat.

Healthy weight lost is 0.5 - 2lbs per week IF you're being consistent with your healthy food choices and physical activity. Losing weight drastically can set you up to gain it all back and even worse, create health challenges.

Be patient! Chip away at it one day at a time by doing the little things right. 2. Drop the deadlines

Stop putting a subliminal stop date on your goals. Setting a goal weight, size or date puts you in the mindset that once you reach your goals you’re done. What you once looked like at at a certain weight is not guarenteed to look the same once you reach it again. Give your new self a chance to look good without needing to stack up against your old self.

When you set deadlines, even if you know you're not done progressing, in your mind, you'll start to tell yourself it's ok to revert to old habits.

Next thing you know you're half way back to where you were - or worse - you lose all of the progress you made.

You ever see the trasformation photos online where the girl is up in weight but looks better than she did when she weighed less? That's because muscle really does weigh more than fat, it's not a myth, and if you're doing the little things right, you can start to see and feel the differences without seeing the difference on the scale. 3. Ditch the desperation

70% of people who use unrealistic tactics to drop body fat/lose weight end up gaining most of their weight back or can’t sustain their progress unless they’re doing that same diet, challenge or restrictive habit.

If you're trying to lose weight, you need to ask yourself - is what I'm doing something I can keep up? Am I only doing this for the purposes of losing weight or am I trying to do something I can keep up for the long run? ⁣ If you do the little things right and change you’re lifestyle, everything else will fall into place.

There's nothing worse than working your butt off to reach your goals and then you end up back at ground zero because you didn't take your time.

Take the steps you need to take to reach your goals realistically. Whether that be trying a new workout class, finding new recipes or simply planning out your days based on what you know will keep you on track, spend some time with you to get to know what keeps you motivated and go from there.

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